Apple Yang

Award Winning Performer, Author, Speaker & Artist

Apple Yang, Award Winning Artist, the founder of Appetite Dance Productions. She is principally a performance artist with a background that includes Contemporary Dance, Chinese Theatre, and Chinese Martial Arts. Apple was born into a high ranking military family under China’s controversial ‘One child policy’. The consequences of growing up in such a unique environment was a rich inner life that combined with Apple’s self-discipline instilled a unique sense of the many facets of identity such as gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity which provide a deep and rich background for Apple’s creative works.

Currently UK based, Apple Yang works globally especially across both Europe and Asia. Originally focusing on Theatre and Dance, her time in the UK has provided her with the platform to explore an intuitive and innovative approach to her own artistic practice focusing on theatre, choreography of the body, movement and space.

As both performer and creative director Apple creates an increasingly diverse range of work that continually evolves, alongside herself through collaborations with international artists from complimentary disciplines with all reflecting notions of internationalism and transnationalism.

Through her productions and performance, Apple has worked with clients including UK Virgin Airlines, Marks and Spencer, the British Tourist Board and China Beijing Modern MoMa.

Keen to share her experiences in life, performance and business and in order to create a legacy Apple is a sought after and accomplished international speaker and offers empowerment coaching.

Her vision is to empower everyone to reconnect their inner passion and strength, to ignite their purpose and leverage that creative energy in order to create extraordinary success be it in life, business or through the power of the performing arts.

She is also the author of the upcoming book with the working title of “The Art of Being You“.